Wedding photography policy

St Robert’s, Pannal – Wedding Photography Policy

Our goal for every wedding conducted is to provide an experience worthy of the holiness of the sacrament of marriage and the dignity of the couple entering into this sacred relationship. A marriage service is certainly a celebration and a joyous occasion but, like any service of worship, it should be thought of as an encounter with the holy – not just a program, or an event, and certainly not just a party.

We are aiming to give you the best experience possible and to allow you to enjoy this special time where you make sacred vows to each other. Of course we want you to have a record of your special day too, and the following guidelines will enable the service to be carried out with dignity and respect but also give a record what will prove to be one of the most beautiful days of your life.

Guidelines for photographers:

  • No flash photography is permitted during the service.
  • Photographers may be in the centre aisle during the procession but we ask that they try to be as unobtrusive as possible.
  • Photographers are required to remain to the side or in front of the officiant throughout the service.
  • Mechanical camera noises loud enough to create a distraction are not permitted.
  • Photographers are requested to come early enough, or to arrange a visit to the church on a separate day ahead of the wedding, to gauge the light conditions and physical setting.
  • The same conditions apply to videography.
  • Either before the service or after, the wedding couple may choose to have pictures taken in the church by the photographer. The above restrictions do not apply during those times. If taken before the service, we ask that photography be completed within one-half hour before the start of the service. Pictures may also be taken in the churchyard and in the Chapter House.
  • Any questions about the policy should be addressed to the presiding member of the clergy ahead of the service.
  • Photographers are asked to check in with the clergy upon their arrival on the day of the service.


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