We have a statutory obligation to develop and publish policies covering the following topics:
  • Safeguarding of young people and vulnerable adults.  In this area we work alongside the Diocesan Safeguarding Team, with their guidance and support.  All members of the congregation working with young people and vulnerable adults have undertaken relevant training (including all members of the PCC) and where appropriate have clearance under the DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) procedures.

For details of the responsible persons in Parish and diocese and to view or download St Robert’s policy on safeguarding, go to the Safeguarding page.

  • Data protection. online privacy and the GDPR.  Since the passing of the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) in May 2018, we have had an obligation to inform people of our policies for collection, retention, use and deletion of any personal data we hold relating to them.  The Church of England has provided advice and draft documentation to dioceses and parishes which is designed to equip them to implement the statutory requirements.  We have adopted these disclosure formats, appropriately modified for our circumstances, and are ensuring that administrative procedures are in place to ensure compliance with our statutory responsibilities.

To view or download St Robert’s policy on Data protection and the GDPR, go to the Data Protection page.

In addition to the above policies, there are various ‘pastoral’ areas where, although there are legal or regulatory requirements, the local church has some measure of discretion.  The incumbent and PCC have drawn up policies in these areas as shown below
  • Christenings (Baptisms) – this covers our policies for Christenings in St Robert’s church and gives guidance for parents and Godparents on their responsibilities and the preparation required when applying for Christening either for adults or for children.

To view or download St Robert’s policy on Christenings go to the Christenings page

  • Weddings – this covers who may or may not be entitled to be married in St Robert’s church, and deals with the specific conditions required to obtain permission in exceptional cases.

To view or download St Robert’s policy on Weddings, go to the Weddings page

  • Churchyard – this covers what may or may not be allowed in respect of interment of ashes, erection and maintenance of monuments or memorial plaques, inspection and remedial work on existing headstones etc.

To view or download St Robert’s policy for the churchyard, go to the Churchyard page

  • Social Media – this covers guidance for church members and officers about the use of Social Media in the life and activities of the church at St Robert’s.

To view or download St Robert’s policy on Social Media, go to the Social Media page