The composition of the Finance Committee is:

Iain Ward-Campbell (Chair)
Dianne Butterfield
Ann Howard
Carl Hopkins

The Vicar and/or Curate are ‘ex officio’ members, as is Anita Hawker, the PCC Treasurer.

The role and purposes of the committee are to oversee and manage the Church’s financial strategies, policies and activities.  Much of this is devolved to the Treasurer’s role and involves:

  • support and advice for the Treasurer in her role;
  • ensuring adequate financial controls
  • management of the church’s cash-flow;
  • oversight of contracts for services, utilities and facilities;
  • maintenance of planned giving and Gift Aid schemes (dealt with by the Treasurer on a confidential basis);
  • preparation of annual budget;
  • recommendation to PCC for annual charitable donations, and the setting of annual statutory and discretionary fees and remuneration of church employees;
  • discussion of periodic financial information prior to presentation at PCC meetings
  • discussion of annual financial statements prior to presentation to and approval by PCC
  • discussion of policies relating to reserves and investments
  • maintaining contact with Diocesan finance, legal and stewardship teams; making recommendations to the PCC concerning payment of the Diocesan Parish Share.

The regular, day to day transactions and accounting procedures are carried out by the Treasurer, often in conjunction with the Vicar and Churchwardens.