Junior Church

Hi everyone.

It has been so good to have been able to get together again in Junior Church following the Summer holidays.  Unfortunately, it has been decided that, with the high level of COVID cases remaining stubbornly persistent, Junior Church (and Crumpet Church too) must be suspended until further notice – probably, at this moment, until Christmas.  It is planned to have a mid-week Junior service, combining elements of Junior Church and Crumpet Church, broadcast via YouTube on Wednesday afternoons, and full details will shortly be announced. 

Of course, during the lock-downs, Junior Church leaders prepared lots of fun things for you to watch and do while we couldn’t meet……..and these are still available for you to use as well.

Check out your group below for activities to do, and our new ‘Open the Book’ video stories online.

(Remember, you might have moved up a group since we last saw you.)

And we’d love you to show us the work you’ve been doing. Just leave it in the box in the entrance to church and we’ll put it up on display in church. Don’t forget to put your name and age on your work!

Just click on your group button to see what’s currently in store for you.


Orange Group – Reception


Yellow Group – Years 1 & 2


Green Group – years 3 & 4


Blue Group – years 5 & 6



We’ve been having lots of fun filming some great Bible stories for you. You can watch the videos online on our YouTube channel buttons below. (There might even be some actions for you to join in with at home!)

Open the Book 7:    The Greedy Farmer

Open the Book 6:    Tea at Auntie’s House

Open the Book 5:    Be Like Me

Open the Book 4:    Double Your Money

Open the Book 3:    The Two Sons

Open the Book 2:    Walking on Water

Open the Book 1:    Two Houses



Stuart and his team hold a fantastic family-friendly All Age Service on the first Sunday of each month. You can go with your family to the service or watch it online on our YouTube channel.  To view previous services, pre-summer 2021, after which Junior Church started up again, select from the drop-down box:

All Age – June 2021


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All Age – May 2021
All Age – March 2021
All Age – February 2021
All Age – January 2021
All Age – December 2020
All Age – November 2020
All Age – October 2020
All Age – September 2020
All Age – August 2020
All Age – July 2020
All Age – June 2020



Thanks to Alex and Bobby for showing us their fantastic Epiphany crowns and kings from last month’s craft activities.


If anyone has any artwork they would like to share, please leave it in the Junior Church box in the entrance to church, or email a photo to your Junior Church group leader and we’ll get it uploaded here.



For more information on Junior Church, contact Lou Sinclair on 07771 655599 or email juniorchurch@strobertschurch.co.uk

To register your child for Junior Church, download this form and return it, completed, to the above email.