Annual Parochial Church Meeting

St Robert’s ANNUAL PARISH MEETING and the ANNUAL PAROCHIAL CHURCH MEETING (APCM) were last held during Morning Worship at 9.15am on Sunday May 21st, 2023

At the Annual Parish Meeting, two nominations were received for candidates to be elected as Churchwarden, and, consequently, at the Parish Meeting, Ted Collings (for the seventh time)  and Joan Adams (for the fourth time) were elected, unopposed, to serve for the following year.  Due to the complications of the Vicar’s forthcoming Sabbatical and the difficulty in finding a candidate, the PCC resolved that the usual restriction of six years’ consecutive service would be extended for a further year in the case of Ted Collings

Churchwardens become ex-officio members of the PCC

At the APCM, nominations were received for Stuart Newsome, Shirley Clegg and Anita Hawker to be elected as Deanery Synod representatives for a further three years (at which time, in accordance with the Church Representation Rules 2020, they will ineligible to stand for a further consecutive term).  There being no further nominations, they were elected unopposed, leaving one vacancy for Deanery Synod.

Nominations were received for Rachael Stray and Ann Howard to be elected to the PCC for a second three-year term.  There being no further nominations, they were elected unopposed, leaving one vacancy for a PCC member.

Click here for a summary of the responsibilities and objectives of the PCC and a list of St Robert’s PCC members following the APCM

The Annual Report for 2022, including reports covering finance, fabric, electoral roll and Deanery Synod, was presented to the meeting; the Financial Statements for 2022 were received by the meeting and a vote of thanks recorded for Anita Hawker our Treasurer and the external examiner – Jo Thompson – who was re-appointed to act for 2023.  Click here for details of the Annual Report