Blue Group

JUNE 2021

Hi everyone,

We hope you’ve had a lovely half term holiday. This month in Junior Church we’re thinking about making good choices and the different ‘Fruits of the Spirit’. Watch June’s All Age service if you can, and work through the activity sheet to find out more. Enjoy!

Blue Group June activity sheet

MARCH 2021

Hi everyone,

We hope you’re all looking forward to going back to school. This month in Junior Church we’re thinking about getting angry and how we can channel this into doing something good. As Easter is getting nearer, we’ve also included a delicious recipe for Rocky Road, which explores the Easter story. Hope you like it.

Blue Group March activity sheet


Hello everyone,

We’re missing you all and look forward to when we can be together again in Junior Church.  In the meantime, we’ve some activities for you on this month’s All Age theme of Lent. We’ve also included information on ‘Heart Bombing’ the village for Valentine’s Day. It’s going to be a lot of fun and we hope you can take part by preparing hearts and sharing messages of love.

Blue Group February activity sheet


Hi Blue Group.

I hope you had a lovely Christmas and Happy New Year to you all. This week’s All Age service is about Epiphany; that’s when the wise men (or Magi) arrived in Bethlehem to visit Jesus. I hope you enjoy doing the activity sheet after you watch the service.

Take care.

Blue Group January activity sheet


Hi everyone.

Hope you are all well. Are any of you getting excited for Christmas yet? This month’s theme is Advent, and we’ve prepared some fun activities for you to do. See how many of the Acts of Kindness you can fit in before Christmas! And don’t forget to watch December’s All Age service on the theme of Advent if you can.

Blue Group December activity sheet


Hi there.

Hope everyone’s doing OK. Here are some activities to do after you’ve watched this month’s All Age service on the theme of All Saints’ Day. (And watch out for some Remembrance Day activities coming next week.)


Blue Group November activity sheet

Remembrance Sunday sheet

Poppy making video


Hi everyone.
Sorry we can’t meet with you in person. Here are some fun activities to keep you busy. Make sure you watch Steve’s All Age Service for October first (on the link below). He’ll have the puzzle answers you need!

Blue Group October activity sheet