Fundraising and Events

The composition of the Fundraising and Events Committee is:

Peter Stretton (Chair)

Karl Chapman

Shirley Clegg

Sarah Downham

Christine Littlewood

Claire Toy

The Vicar and/or Curate are ‘ex officio’ members

Anyone who would like to be involved with this group – or, indeed, to organise and run an event themselves – should get in touch with the Vicar or Curate or Peter Stretton;

The role and purposes of the committee are to oversee and support the Church’s fundraising strategies, policies and activities.  This includes:

  • bringing to PCC meetings suggestions for fundraising events, together with proposals as to who might be approached to run them or confirmation of who has already volunteered to do so;
  • coordination and calendaring of the events programme as it develops;
  • when requested or needed, provision of advice and support to those organising events;
  • liaison with organisers, Communications Committee and Parish Office to ensure adequate and timely promotion of events across the publicity platforms of The Link, weekly pewsheets, the Mid-week Message, Facebook page, website, posters and local media;
  • liaison and discussion with organisers, Finance Committee and Treasurer concerning the financial implications of events – licensing, hall bookings, equipment hire, consumables, catering etc.’

It is not the committee’s job actually to run these events, rather to identify appropriate events to include in an annual/biennial programme, identify and approach people who could run them and facilitate the infrastructure support to get good results.

There is careful regard for a balance between the purely ‘commercial’ aspects of raising money and the pastoral/social benefits of running certain events.