The composition of the Communications Committee is:

Rachel Hewson (Chair)
Lorraine Archibald
Claire Belcher
Laura Dinning
Iain Ward-Campbell
Tim White

The Vicar and/or Curate are ‘ex officio’ members

The role and purposes of the committee are to oversee and manage the Church’s communication strategies, policies and activities.  This includes:

  • promotion of the Facebook page and website;
  • contact with and content for the media (both broadcast (Radio York & Stray FM) and print (Harrogate Advertiser/Yorkshire Post));
  • oversight and maintenance of church notice boards and supervision/provision of publicity posters and notices for church services and other events across the different communications platforms (including twice-yearly joint parish notice cards at Easter and Christmas);
  • maintaining contact with Diocesan press and publicity team;
  • liaison with Pannal Parish Council and Pannal Methodists regarding shared publicity opportunities, and production and content for Pannal Welcome Booklet, Village notice board etc.;
  • production and distribution (electronic and hard copy) of the Link monthly newsletter