Baptism is an important celebration in the life of a young child. It is a chance to thank God for the gift of life and to begin to explore a place in the family of the church.

Baptisms at St Robert’s usually take place at 11.00am on the third Sunday of the month. During the Summer holidays we have baptisms during the 9.15am service, and you may also ask if it is possible to have your baptism at the 9.15am service at other times of the year.

Members of the Mothers’ Union arrange the services and visit you at home to explain about the service. They also send cards on the anniversary of the baptism and generally help you to become part of the church family.

To arrange a baptism please come to the 9.15am service and ask to speak to Lorraine Forbes or contact her on 01423 816625 or 07749 811378.  She can also be contacted at