Fundraising & Events

Yes, we really do need to keep at the fundraising.  We have several projects to take forward – and support for all our fundraising events is a great way for members of our congregation (and others….friends, neighbours, relations and colleagues) to engage in something specific and targeted to both our immediate and long-term needs.    Peter Stretton (549837) heads the Events team…please let him or the Churchwardens or Vicar know if you have any bright ideas for possible fundraising events…..especially if you would like to mastermind the running of one.  You can also email

Current events

Our next event will be ‘Puddings Galore’….the pudding party to be held in the Chapter House at 7.30pm on Saturday, November 17th.  Tickets – £6.00 available from the church office

Recent events:

The successful Quiz Night on June 15th raised in excess of £500.  Congratulations to the two successful teams who tied for 1st place…..and thanks to Peter Stretton the Quizmaster, Christine Littlewood the raffle manager and all who helped put on a thoroughly enjoyable evening


The Beer Festival held on October 5th & 6th has raised upwards of £4,000 – the exact amount will be know once all the income has been collected and the bills all paid.  Huge thanks to all those who contributed to making the event another great success.


Current projects:

Clock faces and mechanism successfully completed – go to the Clock Appeal page for more details

Altar Frontal – the new Ordinary Time (Green) altar frontal, pulpit fall, bookmarks, burse and veil were dedicated on Trinity Sunday.

Let us know if you would like to contribute specifically for this – either individually of by way of an event you can organise.  Ted is putting the sponsorship proceeds of his Belgian trip towards this project



Choir robes:  the choir needs some new robes.  One proposal is that these could be funded by ‘crowd funding’ (past successes for this were new hymnbooks and re-covering the chairs) where individuals sponsor one specific item (or proportion thereof!)