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PAROCHIAL CHURCH COUNCIL MEETING  – The next PCC meeting will be in St Robert’s at 7.30pm on Wednesday, January 24th, 2018.  The PCC last met on Wednesday, November 15th, 2017.  Minutes of PCC meetings are available for inspection by arrangement with the Church office. If you would like any particular matter to be discussed at a future PCC meeting, please speak to the Vicar, Curate, either of the Churchwardens or any member of the PCC  Here is a current list of PCC members

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We are continuing to apply for grants to enable us to do vital work towards repairing our ancient (and modern!) buildings so that they continue to provide a focus and amenity base for the community, as well as a sacred space for worship.  Many thanks to those of you, as beneficiaries of the building, who signed the statement of support for this work.  In addition to seeking grants, we have been successfully fundraising throughout the year and have raised approximately £6,500 as at the end of September; some of these funds have been applied to the Chapter House roofing requirement (now completed) as well as other projects.

This Sunday will be January 21st – the Third Sunday after Epiphany.  We hear how Jesus recruited his first followers in the story of the calling of the brothers Simon (to become Peter) and  Andrew as well as the ‘sons of Zebedee’ – the brothers James and John.  These first Apostles were followed in due course by many more…..but what is intriguing about these first ones is their instant response to Jesus’ call; they just dropped everything to go to be with Jesus, hear him and be convinced by his message.  There is no question but that the Gospel is holding them up to us a role models!!….so how will we react?

The principal service at St Robert’s will be Morning Worship at 9.15am.  There will be BCP Holy Communion at 8.00am and Evening Worship at 3.30pm.

You are welcome to join the regular services of Morning Prayer held at 9.15am on Mondays and Wednesdays at St Robert’s and on Tuesdays at St Michael’s.  Get a good start to your day with this short service of prayer, reading and reflection.


Our church clock appeal has now been launched, with a target of £8,000.  You should have had a leaflet about this along with the Churches’ Christmas service card.  If you haven’t yet got one, copies are available in church.  For exciting news of progress so far – Go to the Clock Appeal page


Thank you to all those who participated in our recent Communications and Events survey.  There was a very good response and the replies are being analysed and considered carefully in planning what to do next.

Amongst other initiatives relating to church communications, a major make-over of the website is still in the offing. If anyone has bright ideas about what they think the role of the website should be in our communications strategy….and what ought or ought not to be in it or linked with it, please have a word (that’s another way of saying ‘communicate’!) with Rachel Hewson who is chairing the committee, or with Iain Ward-Campbell who is acting as webmaster (


We mustn’t lose sight of the fact that, however tremendous our fund-raising activities are (and they are really important for us in pursing vital projects), our ability to make ends meet in maintaining our Church and furthering its ministry in our community and beyond, rests primarily on the personal, regular and adequate giving of our congregation. We are about to embark on the extended seasons of Advent, Christmas and Epiphany, which will take us up to Candlemas in early February, shortly before we embark on Lent.  It is a good time to reflect on how seriously we take our relationship with God, and how we should respond to His supreme gift of His Son; born into humanity; loving, teaching and healing us as he shows us what the Father wants from us; suffering and dying for the redemption of us all; and finally rising again to demonstrate that evil has been, is being and will be vanquished and set aside in God’s plan for His creation and us His children.   So let’s remind ourselves, as we celebrate God’s great gift to us – his Son, how good it is to give from what God in His infinite generosity has given us; and as we renew our search for the ways in which God calls us to make a difference in our world – and the power and gifts He has given us with which to do so – let’s take a serious opportunity at this time of gifts, given and received, to review our own personal giving  to our Church as a token of our commitment to all that it does in furthering the Kingdom of God among us all.  Please do ask if you would like to talk further about this.  The Vicar or Treasurer – Anita Hawker or Iain Ward-Campbell the Chairman of the Finance Committee would all be happy to discuss this with you.  Indeed, you can ask any Member of the PCC.   We have prepared a leaflet to answer some questions and to give guidance to those considering joining the Planned Giving Scheme or renewing or upgrading their giving. Here is the leaflet


Yes, we really do need to keep at the fund raising.  We have several projects to take forward – and support for all our fundraising events is a great way for members of our congregation (and others….friends, neighbours, relations and colleagues) to engage in something specific and targeted to both our immediate and long-term needs.  So….as we reach October 2017 it is good to see that things are progressing well!   The Annual Beer Festival has raised in excess of £3,000……and the Bridge Afternoon and Tea on Thursday, November 2nd raised the magnificent sum of £800 to give a great kick-start to our Church Clock appeal; have a look at St Robert’s Facebook page to see everyone enjoying themselves! and……..

………the Christmas Hamper Raffle, drawn after the Carol Service, raised the amazing total of £650 – best ever….huge thanks to Trish Wilson for coordinating this, and to all those who donated items for packaging up into those superb hampers!

Please let the Churchwardens or Vicar know if you have any bright ideas for possible fund-raising events…..especially if you would like to mastermind the running of one.


The Annual Parochial Church Meeting (APCM) took place on April 2nd, 2017 during the 9.15am service.  Churchwardens, Deanery synod representatives and Parochial Church Council (PCC) members were elected and a note of the proceedings can be found on the APCM page

Here is a copy of the accounts to December 31st, 2016 which was presented at the APCM on April 2nd, 2017


What better present for a music-loving friend or family member, could there be than THE CHOIR’S CD?!  Tracks drawn from your favourites – take a look.  They are on sale now at only £5 – just speak to Sarah Paynes….or give her a ring on 01423 872651.  If you are really quick you can get one or more already beautifully gift wrapped and ready to be presented to the lucky recipient.


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