Privacy Policy

What is the EU Cookie Law?

In May 2011 a European Union law was passed stating that websites that leave non-essential cookies on visitors’ devices have to alert the visitor and get acceptance from them.

What are ‘non-essential cookies’?

Non-essential cookies are basically those which aren’t required for the website to function.  Examples of non-essential cookies include (but aren’t limited to) those from analytics, advertising and affiliate networks such as Google Analytics, Google Adsense, and all affiliate programs. The vast majority of websites drop non-essential cookies, and it’s more than likely that your website contains a mix of essential and non-essential varieties.

On this Web site we only use essential cookies such as the session cookie PHPSESSID. This is only present if you enable cookies on your browser and enables your session to function correctly – if you disable cookies the web site will still work, but using cookies may be faster.