A cascade of poppies for Remembrance Day






Pannal’s observance of the 100th anniversary of Armistice Day 1918, proved to be an inspirational and moving tribute to the sacrifices of the First World War and subsequent conflicts.  Packed congregations at services in St Robert’s and at the Village Hall, reflected with thanks and sadness on the loss of life, and injuries sustained, by those who fought in the past (and fight still) to preserve our freedoms and values.  At the same time, we looked forward with hope and determination to a world of continuing peace, reconciliation  and fellowship – in opposition to the malign influences of nationalism, terrorism and extremism of every kind, which continue to surface in our societies throughout today’s world.  The cascade of crafted poppies down the side of the church, the muffling of the early church bells, the floral decoration inside St Robert’s and the activities of Junior Church all provided both symbolic and tangible tokens of our observance.  A huge thank you to all who contributed to a remarkable week end.