Parochial Church Council (PCC)

The next PCC meeting will be in St Robert’s at 7.30pm on Wednesday, January 30, 2019.  The PCC last met on Tuesday, November 13th, 2018.  Minutes of PCC meetings are available for inspection by arrangement with the Church office. If you would like any particular matter to be discussed at a future PCC meeting, please speak to the Vicar, Curate, either of the Churchwardens or any member of the PCC  Here is a current list of PCC members

There is a ‘restricted access’ area on the website for PCC members to view and comment on documents and other issues in between meetings, as well as receiving relevant briefings and other information….so if you are a PCC member – watch this space!  You have been given instructions on how to access this area – if you have forgotten, contact Iain Ward-Campbell (

Readings & intercessions

Isobel Goodall is keen to expand the pool of people prepared to read or lead intercessions at the main Sunday services.  If this idea appeals to you, please contact her to get more information

If the idea makes you feel a bit nervous, then experienced readers are there to give advice and a bit of coaching – and the same goes for the intercessions.  There’s plenty of guidance available including tips about content and sources of suitable material. This is a really valuable contribution to the services and a great opportunity to exercise your own personal ministry.

Bellringers needed

We are URGENTLY in need of folk to ring the bells from time to time – particularly at weddings.  There is a fee for ringing at weddings.

We are looking for folk aged 13 years and older (including adults).  There is a code of conduct to ensure safety in the ringing chamber and access thereto, and proper training will be provided in that and the techniques of ringing (or ‘chiming’) the bells at St Robert’s.

Anyone interested should contact the Verger, Christine Ward-Campbell;



‘New’ website


Please let us know your thoughts on the ‘new look’ website.  This project is still ‘work in progress’ in many respects, but we would really welcome your feedback straight away……after all the site exists as a service to you, the users.  So let us know what you like and what you don’t like and what you think we could do to improve it.  If anyone has bright ideas about what they think the role of the website should be in our communications strategy….and what ought or ought not to be in it or linked with it, please have a word (that’s another way of saying ‘communicate’!) with Rachel Hewson who is chair of the Communications Committee, or with Iain Ward-Campbell who is acting as webmaster (

Summer BBQ

The two-yearly Midsummer Barbecue will be held this year in the afternoon of Saturday June 22nd at 12 Rossett Green Lane.  More details to come in due course…..but put the date in your diaries.